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afternoons (1pm-5pm)

Room E.103 (Building E)
University of the Sunshine Coast, Sippy Downs

Upcoming Meetings:
June 2023
* June 11th
* June 25th

July 2023
* July 9th
* July 23rd

August 2023
* August 6th
* August 20th

September 2023
* September 3rd
* September 17th

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Borrowing Sheet 2023

Session Report 28th May, 2023

Attendees: 14

Games Played
Trekking Through History x 1
Dune Imperium + Rise of Ix expansion x 1
Lords of Waterdeep x 1
51 State Ultimate Edition x 1
Canvas x 1

Session Report 11th December, 2022

Long Session (10am – 5pm)

Attendees: 19

Games Played

Terraforming Mars x 1
The Crew: Mission Deep Sea x 1
Tiny Turbo Cars x 1
Bear Raid x 1
Incan Gold x 1
For Sale Automobile x 1
7 Wonders x 1
Sentinels of the Multiverse x 1
Detective Club x 1


Session Report 21st August, 2022

Attendees: 12

Games Played

Alhambra x 1
The Crew: Mission Deep Sea x 1
Lost Ruins of Arnak x 1
It’s a Wonderful World x 1
One Night Werewolf x 1


Session Report 10th July, 2022

Attendees: 9

Games Played

Escape Curse of the Temple x 5
Here to Slay x 1
Captain Sonar x 1
Feast of Odin x 1

Session Report 17th April, 2022

Attendees: 5

Games Played

Kingdomino x 1
Timeline x 2
Small World x 1
Coup x 3

Online Session Report 6th Feb, 2022

Attendees: 5
Games Played:
The Crew: Mission Deep Sea
Lost Ruins of Arnak

Online Session Report 9th Jan, 2022

Attendees: 6

Games Played:

CuBirds x 1
7 Wonders Architects x 1
The Crew – Mission Deep Sea x 1

Online Session Report 1st August, 2021

Attendees: 7

Games Played:

7 Wonders x1
Beyond the Sun x1
Root x1

Online Session Report 18th July, 2021

Attendees: 7

Games Played:

Codex Naturalis x1
Cubirds x1
Lost Ruins of Arnak x1
Oath x1
Aeons End x1

Session Report 25th April, 2021

Attendees: 17

Games Played

Res Arcana x1
The Quacks of Quedlinburg x2
Lords of Vegas x1
Glass Road x1
King of Tokyo x1
Star Wars: Unlock! x2
Incan Gold x1
Unpublished Prototype x1
Port Royal x1
Catan x1
Zombie Kidz Evolution x3
Spicy x1