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Battle of Normandy Campaign – part 2

Capturing the Crossing June 26, 1944
Western Front Operation Epsom

This is the second battle in the inaugural 2010 Memoir 44 campaign between myself and Craig Hargraves. If you want you can go and read Craig’s report for the first battle. Unlike Craig I will resolve the flank naming issue […]

Battle of Normandy Campaign – Part 1

My good friend Danny and I have just embarked upon a grand Memoir ’44 campaign at our gaming club The Boardgamers. This session report is for scenario 1, Securing the Flank. […]

They Still Didn’t Kill Kenny!

Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game

In some ways this is a follow up to the “They Didn’t Kill Kenny” session report from my fellow The Boardgamers club member Danny. Last night on Earth made it to the table for a second week at our fortnightly club […]

They didn’t kill Kenny!

Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game Last Sunday at theBoardgamers I felt like trying a zombie game of some sort, having played none of them. I suggested “Zombies” but Phil pushed for “Last Night on Earth” because it was “just like the other game […]

Gloom, my uncertain first encounter, its all too sad

It was the start of the third meeting of our shiny new board game club, The Boardgamers, and Jo, Craig and I wanted something quick to play while the others were playing their own quick games. I hadn’t played Gloom and liked the look of it, so off we went.

I got […]