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They Still Didn’t Kill Kenny!

In some ways this is a follow up to the “They Didn’t Kill Kenny” session report from my fellow The Boardgamers club member Danny. Last night on Earth made it to the table for a second week at our fortnightly club meeting for The Boardgamers. This was my first game of LNoE and I enjoyed it quite a lot. Here’s what happened when Joseph, Stephen, Blake and I threw ourselves at Zombie Master Daniel’s might playing the scenario “Die Zombie, Die”… zombie


Kenny (played by myself), Billy Rachelle and Sam found themselves in the midst of a serious zombie outbreak. With the objective of getting 15 zombie notches on our collective belts we all spread out to find weapons. Kenny made for the hanger while Sam and Billy went to the gun shop. Rachelle was already armed and ready so she went after some zombies in the junk yard. She messily exploded a zombie head with her first shot. A pretty good start we say just as the lights go out in the gunshop.

Rachelle took the fight right up to the zombies. As she moved in and raised her revolver for a second shot she heard that fatal sound. Click… Out of ammo she threw the revolver away in disgust and got ready to defend herself. The searches in other locations didn’t go so well with Kenny finding a torch and Billy a first aid kit. Meanwhile more zombies crawled up from beneath the buildings around them.

In the gun shop Billy found a revolver and quickly used it to shoot a zombie while Sam and Kenny continued to search in vain as zombies closed in on their positions. Meanwhile Rachelle found herself in a world of trouble as she was bitten by a zombie before the masses lurched onto her. She fell amidst the mass of zombies only to rise again herself, as one of the walking dead.

In response to the noise and commotion going on outside, Father Joseph emerged from the barn (we’re not sure what he was doing in there) and quickly ran into the cornfield to hide. Still without a weapon, Kenny ran for his life as a zombie crashed through the wall of the hanger. Sam continued searching while outside Billy continued firing at zombies. Sadly this time his shooting was off target. In the junk yard the rise of the zombies continued unabated and the junk yard was quickly taken over.

Father Joseph crept through the corn field making his way towards the diner. Kenny sought refuge and a weapon in the general store while Sam and Billy tried to take the fight to the zombies once again. Sadly Billy’s gun had run dry and he was soon set upon and wounded by his former prey. Meanwhile Sam tangled with more zombies out in the open and was wounded a couple of times for his trouble. A terrible increase in moaning could be heard on the wind as the zombies took over the hospital.

As Kenny started a futile search in the general store, Sam and Billy both took their wounded hides back to the gun shop. Father Joseph made it to the diner but was soon set upon and wounded by a couple of zombies. This taste of fresh blood seemed to further fuel the zombies growing hunger.

Most of our heroes desperately spent time searching for weapons to use against the growing hordes of undead. This time they were all fairly successful! Father Joseph found some dynamite in the diner while both Sam and Billy found guns in the gun shop which they then quickly put to use against the zombies with only Billy finding his mark. Hearing their cries of success, Kenny legged it across to the gun shop from the general store. Huddled together in the gun shop, Sam Billy and Kenny were attacked by a zombie who amazingly “shambled” right across town in a feat of amazing zombie speed! Kenny took the fight to the zombie throwing his torch at it to distract it and then proceeding to make it eat dirt, ending it’s unnatural existence for good. Kenny felt pretty flushed with his success until he noticed he had been bitten…

Young teenage Billy found a shotgun for himself and so handed off his revolver to Kenny (who was happy to finally have his first weapon). Billy quickly got to grips with the shotgun, taking out yet another zombie at close range. Kenny found himself another weapon, the mighty chainsaw. In his excitement he was a bit too keen to get a shot off at the zombie in the general store and missed his target. Sam however backed him up by taking out the zombie for him. Kenny was then shocked to find himself under assault by the animated corpse of Rachelle and only narrowly escaped being wounded again.

With their backs to the wall our heroes in the gun shop came fought on tenaciously! Billy blasted another two zombies into the afterlife with his shotgun but then noticed he was out of shells. Kenny spotted some gas for the chainsaw and decided to hand both off to the more experienced Sam. Pulling his revolver Kenny desperately took a shot at the zombified remains of Rachelle, only to discover to his horror that Billy had passed him an empty gun. Luckily Sam had Kenny’s back and he sliced through Rachelle with the chainsaw. But as the team started to get on top of things, all the mayhem became too much for young Billy who started to throw a bit of a teenage tantrum.

Meanwhile, across town in the cornfield, the lonely Father Joseph decided to try make a break for the centre of town. He tried to quietly move through the field but found himself trapped between a couple of groups of searching zombies. Unfortunately two of the zombies noticed him and Father Joseph was forced to defend himself. Drawing forth his crucifix the good Father went into a holy rage against these abominations and smote both of them with +crucifix blows to their heads.

Lost in his tantrum, Billy decided to prove his manhood by running out into the middle of town and throwing his dynamite at a group of zombies, killing two of them. Sam quickly followed the screaming teenager while Kenny grabbed another shotgun off a gun rack.

Across town Father Joseph ran for the safety of the hanger in the hopes of finding a flare gun to use on the zombies. As he ran across the centre of town he caught a glimpse of Billy being torn apart by zombies just as Nurse Becky awoke to find herself beside the town well in the middle of a zombie attack.

Reaching the hanger Father Joseph quickly grabbed a flare gun but found that it was a dud. After administering a quick bit of first-aid to himself, Sam cut another zombie in half with his chainsaw. Kenny tried to follow Sam out into the action only to discover the door was locked. “D#*n you Sam! Stop trying to protect me!!!”

Nurse Becky had a similar problem when she tried to get into the hanger and found herself stranded outside. In hindsight though it was probably for the best as Father Joseph, who had suddenly realized he’d left his bible back in the diner, was taken by surprise as a horde of zombies broke through the hanger walls and sent him to meet his maker.

Finally getting out of the gun shop, Kenny jumped on Sam’s horse which he found outside and tried to do a ride-by shooting on the zombies in the bank. Sadly his aim was off (yet again). But the grizzled veteran Sam was there for the team as he charged in and finished off another zombie. With enough of the beasts destroyed, the surviving heroes got out of Dodge before the whole place went to hell!

And Kenny was once again happy to come out of a zombie attack with his hide in tact:D


Whew! And that was my first game of Last Night on Earth. I’d been pretty keen to have a game after hearing a previous game from across the room. I enjoyed the game quite a lot and really appreciate the way the game brings out all the flavour of a zombie movie. The game felt pretty tense right up to the end with Daniel only needing to kill one more hero to claim victory for the zombies. I’m looking forward to a few more games of this real soon!


Reposted from boardgame geek

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